Moon Armada is a sound art project started by musician Honest Kevin, which focuses on creating objects that provide alternative modes of interacting with music and sound.

Moon Armada was first conceived in Austin, Texas, USA in early 2017. It eventually grew to include maker and visual artist Appias Albina, as well as numerous collaborations with with artists Lab Monkey Number 9, Ksenija Shinkovskaja, and Mr. Dibbs.

Drawing from numerous aspects of audio engineering, circuit-bending, electronics, and maker culture, Moon Armada incorporates imaginative concepts with pop culture aesthetics into abstract musical instruments and sound-generators. This combination simultaneously gives the audience a sense of familiarity, as well as the contrasting feeling of encountering something alien and new. These devices challenge conventional perceptions of the relationship between audio and its origin, and in doing so encourage broader reflection on the connections between our senses and external stimuli.

Moon Armada’s works are in personal collections throughout 24 countries on 5 continents. Some notable collectors include:

Flying Lotus; Eric Andre; Nanan Hilmarsdóttir (Of Monsters and Men); Electric Lady Studios (New York, NY); Benjamin Clementine; The Loft Studio (Chicago, IL); Joe Hottinger (Halestorm); Dimitri Coates (OFF!); Fr33dback; Bobby Wooten III (David Byrne) Joe Shoemaker; Yarza Twins; Udi Naor (Red Axes/ Beatfoot); Radioslave; DJ Tennis; Rich Abagon (Woven); Steven Sherrill; Raed Yassin; Daniel Van Acker

Exhibitions and Events

Baby Bots: Exhibition and Discussion European Professional Doll Art Festival, Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga, Latvia


Feb. 10, 2019 Music blog “MIDI Gone Wild With Moon Armada

Feb. 29, 2019 CDM Creative tech magazine “The Demonic Musical Baby Bots of Moon Armada

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