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2x Baby Bot Drone & FX Synth



This is a preorder for a Baby Bot Drone & FX synthesizer; the description for this item is below. Each one will be unique, and come with the features described below, and I am willing to take special requests within reason. The doll heads will be selected by me with great care, and will be clean and free of any blemishes or features that detract from looks or quality of the Baby Bot. Sizes will vary, but they typically will fit in a 12cm cube. They will be finished and shipped out no later than March 28, 2019. If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to message me through the “Contact” page on the site. Thank you, and enjoy noise-making!

A unique, hand-built synthesizer, housed inside of a recycled doll's head. This synth can be used for creating complex drones, interesting beep-boop type sounds, FX, noise, and more.Featuring 4 cascaded square wave oscillators, each with independent frequency control, this synth is designed to be wild and experimental, and sounds great with guitar pedals and other effects, and can be synced to other gear via its CV input jack.

**Please note: This Baby Bot will be shipping from Europe, as it where I am currently staying. For buyers outside of Europe, there are no additional shipping charges, and ship time is typically around 2 weeks, with tracking provided.

  • 1/8” audio output & CV input jacks

  • Knobs for controlling volume, and frequencies of all 4 oscillators

  • 9v battery-operated  

  • Eyes light up in sync with audio

  • 4 LEDs, each lighting in sync with one of the oscillators

  • Custom laser-cut battery cover with serial number

  • High-quality of hardware, components, and build

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