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Baby Bot 151 6 OSC Drone Synthesizer


A unique, hand-built synthesizer, housed inside of a recycled doll's head. This synth features 6 square wave oscillators, each with its own frequency control, on/off drone switch, and momentary on off button.  You can tune all or several of the oscillators to drone out complex chords, or tune them together to create a cool phasing/ beating effect. Or, you tune them to a scale and play it like a six-note keyboard. 

Each oscillator ranges from very low to very high frequency, and has an indicator LED to let you know if it is on or off. Additionally, any single OSC knob can be used to create an upward pitch-bend effect on all other oscillators, when it is turned all the way up. There is also a master volume knob for the output.

**Please note: this Baby Bot will be shipping from Europe, as it where I am currently staying. For buyers outside of Europe, there are no additional shipping charges, and ship time is typically around 2 weeks, with tracking provided.

  • 1/8" audio output jack

  • Knobs for controlling master volume, and frequencies of all 6 oscillators- 

  • 9v battery-operated 

  • Light-up red eyes 

  • Rainbow indicator LEDs

  • Custom laser-cut battery cover with serial number

  • High-quality of hardware, components, and build

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